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車の運転に関する英語表現 に続き、今回は空港、飛行機、両替などに関する英語表現や、bookreserve の違いなどを、例文とともにご紹介していきます。

ご興味のある方は、当サイトで 英語クイズ(5000問) を出題しておりますので是非ご覧ください。



I’d like to make a reservation for a flight to Berlin on July 30.

We still have empty seats.

I’m sorry, but this flight is full.

I’d like to book the next flight I can catch.

I can reserve a flight on July 6.

Can I book two seats on that flight?

Business class, please.

What is the flight number and departure time?

I’d like to reconfirm my flight.

Can I cancel my reservation?


・empty:❶(容器などが) 空の、人のいない ❷空虚な、中身のない
・reconfirm:(予約などの) 再確認をする

book と reserve の違い




ホテルのお部屋やフライトなど、個人情報を伝えて前金を支払って予約をするような場合は、book のほうがぴったりです。



book と比べますと、キャンセルしてもキャンセル料のようなペナルティが少なく、「お取り置き」のようなイメージがあります。


I have something to buy at the duty-free shop.

I’d like to check in. Where is ●●’s check-in counter?

I’m on flight 715 for Frankfurt.

I’d like to have an aisle / a window seat.
通路側 / 窓側 の席でお願いしたいのですが。)

Do you have any bags to check?

I’ll check in this suitcase.

Your suitcase is 3kg overweight.

Can I carry/take this bag on board/the plane?

I’m connecting with Northwest 980.

A growing number of airlines have introduced an online check-in system.

Our flight is delayed.

The flight was delayed because of trouble with the airplane.

All the flights were cancelled because of the storm.

We still have no idea when normal flights will resume.

I think the number of passengers who have no manners has increased.

I want you to meet our president at the airport.

Air travel is much more comfortable than it used to be.

He has lost his boarding pass.


・because of:〜が原因で、〜の理由で
・delay:【名詞】遅れ、遅延 /【他動詞】(ややかたく) 延期する、遅らせる
・resume:(中断していたことを) 再開する、再び〜し始める、元の位置に戻す
・boarding pass/card:搭乗券


「飛行機が飛ぶ」は fly で、状況や文脈によって fly だけで「飛行機に乗る」という意味を表現できます。また、鳥や蜂、魔女が飛ぶ場合などにも使われます。

飛行機の着陸は land になります。

Please keep your seat belts fastened until the seat belt light is turned off.

May I recline my seat?

Can I have a blanket?

Do you have any herbal tea?

May I move to that seat?

Is there a flight attendant who can speak Japanese?

I feel exhausted because of jet lag.

My legs are swollen.

We are currently experiencing some turbulence.

We are beginning our landing approach.

We will arrive at Frankfurt in about twenty minutes.

Please refrain from using the lavatories until the seatbelt sign is off.


・exhausted:❶疲れ果てた、疲れ切った ❷使い尽くされた、枯渇した
・because of:〜が原因で、〜の理由で
・swell:(物が) ふくれる、膨張する、(体の一部が) 腫れる、(数量・程度などが) 増える、増大する
・turbulence:(波・風などの) 荒れ、乱気流
・lavatory:(米) 飛行機のトイレ


The customs officers will inspect your baggage over there.

It must take a while to get through immigration.

May I see your passport and immigration card, please?

What’s the purpose of your trip? – Sightseeing.
(旅の目的は何ですか。- 観光です。)

I’m just on a connecting flight.

Where are you staying? – At ABC Hotel in Berlin.
(どこに滞在しますか。- ベルリンのABCホテルです。)

Could you show me what’s inside your bag?

Do you have anything to declare?

These are a gifts for my friends.

I have two bottles of wine.

You’ll have to pay duty on this.


・inspect:(隅々まで注意して、物などを) 調べる、検閲する、検査する
・take a while:しばらく時間がかかる
・declare:(公に) 宣言する、(態度・考えなどを) 明言する、はっきりと言い表す



My baggage is damaged.

My baggage didn’t come out.

When I arrived my suitcase was not on the baggage carousel.

Here is my claim tag.

Please fill out this form.

Can you describe your suitcase to me?

It’s a large leather suitcase with a blue name tag. Its color is dark brown.

What’s inside the suitcase?

ID card, credit card, 500 dollars, and some clothes.

We’ll call you as soon as we find your suitcase.


・fill out:(書類などに) 所要の書き込みをする、空所を埋める
・describe:(特徴などを) 表現する、描写する
・as soon as:〜するとすぐに


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