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ご興味のある方は、当サイトで 英語クイズ(5000問) を出題しておりますので是非ご覧ください。



  • startboot up:起動する
  • turn on/off:電源を入れる/切る
  • press:キーやボタンなどを押す
  • reboot/restart:再起動する

Boot up your computer.

Open the System Settings and click “Energy Saver.”

Sometimes your computer won’t boot because of a conflict with a USB device or security software.
(USB デバイスまたはセキュリティソフトウェアとの競合が原因で、コンピュータが起動しないことがあります。)

Press the power button to turn on the Mac. Then keep holding the key while the Mac starts up.
(電源ボタンを押して Mac を起動します。Mac の起動中にそのままキーを押し続けます。)

Do you want to restart the computer to complete this operation now?

When you restart your computer, it is in a clean boot environment.

 The common keyboard shortcut for restarting your Mac is Ctrl and Eject/Power.
(Macを再起動するための一般的なショートカットキーは、Ctrl + Power です。)


・because of:〜が原因で、〜の理由で
・conflict:衝突、対立、(米) 予定が重なること
・while:【名詞】(しばらくの) 間 /【接続詞】〜している間に


Is this connected to the Internet?

I have a hard time connecting to the Internet.

Popup ads are so annoying.

Just hold on. Let me do some searching on the web.

This site is very useful. I’ll bookmark this.

When can I download the new data?

I often visit sites on traveling and sightseeing.

To show less detail click on the “Collapse.”

Before you access the download page, you have to agree to our Terms of Condition.


・annoying:(事・人などが) いらだたせる、腹立たしい、厄介な
・Terms and Conditions / Terms of Service:利用規約


Please sign in to write a review.

A username and password are required to log in.

The username or password is incorrect.

I logged into my account after changing my password.

The session cookies are deleted when you log out or close the browser.

First, check that your username and password are correct.

If you have forgotten your password, click the link below.

Keep the length of your password more than 12 characters because it takes much longer to crack a 12-character password.


・crack:(金庫を) 破る、(ソフトウェアなどを) 不法にコピーする


「入力する」は、enter、type in、input などの言い方があります。

Type in your name and click “Next.”

Enter your username, followed by your password.

Input your e-mail address.

I fed this data into my computer yesterday.


・feed:「(動物に) 餌を与える」などのほかに、コンピュータにデータなどを送るという意味もあります。
・followed by:(主語の) 後に~が続いて、~を受けて


Copy the image and paste it into e-mail body.

He wrote his paper by copy-pasting from someone else’s blog.


・body:❶(記事などの) 本論 ❷(メールの) 本文
・paper:論文、(課題としての) レポート


I’ve closed the file without saving many times.

I overwrote an important file.

I forgot to back it up.

You have too many icons on your desktop. It must be hard to find what you need.


・forget to:〜するのを忘れる


It seems I’ve lost all my data.

Please delete the garbage data.

I wonder if it’s OK to erase this file.

I have to delete many files from my computer.


・garbage/unnecessary data:不要なデータ
・erase:(録音データ・文字などを) 消す、(記憶などを) 拭い去る、消滅させる


  • zip:zip形式で圧縮する
  • compress:圧縮する
  • decompress/unpack:圧縮データを解凍する

Please compress the file and send it to me.

You have to unpack the compressed file.

How do I decompress the zipped file?


コンピュータの電源を落とすときは、turn/shut offshut down などを使います。

Don’t turn it off yet!

I’ve already turned off my computer.

My computer has been randomly shutting off.

To shut down your Mac, use the following key combinations:
Command + Option + Control + Eject/Power
(Mac をシャットダウンするには、次のキーコンビネーションを使用します。)


Is there anyone who is good at computers?

I transferred the data to an external hard desk/drive.

You need a dedicated application to open this file.

The software is not installed in your computer.

The current version of this app is incompatible with my OS.

Click on “properties” from the right click menu.

The file is made on PowerPoint.

The server is currently down for maintenance.

That shared folder will always have the latest data in it.

I need a big screen so that I can open two files side by side.

The two codes matched perfectly.

How can I reverse the last action on a PC?

There isn’t any space left on the hard disk.
(ハードディスクの容量が不足している。→ この leftleave の過去分詞の形容詞用法で、remaining と同義の「残りの・残っている」の意)

Is anyone good at functions?


・transfer:❶転勤させる、移転させる ❷(情報・音楽などを) 移す、コピーする
・be incompatible:相容れない、両立しない、(コンピュータなどが) 互換性のない
・latest:(名詞の前で) 最新の


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