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ご興味のある方は、当サイトで 英語クイズ(5000問) を出題しておりますので是非ご覧ください。



A man was found dead in the room 1046 at the hotel.

The body was found in an abandoned house deep in the woods.

The body was stabbed with a knife and covered in blood.

The girl was strangled with a string and had signs of being sexually assaulted.

The knife was found in the fireplace, covered with ashes.

Many things were left behind at the scene of the crime.

Who buried the victim‘s body in the backyard?


・stab:(ナイフなどの尖ったもので) 刺す、突く、突きつける
・strangle:(紐やロープなどで) 絞殺する、窒息させる
・leave A behind:(人・物を) 置き去りにする、置き忘れる
・assault:【名詞】❶暴行、婦女暴行、襲撃 ❷(考えなどに対する) 酷評 /【他動詞】❶暴行する ❷厳しく批判する
・bury:(地中などに、物を) 埋める、死体を埋葬する


There were no fingerprints on the knife.

Perhaps the murderer was wearing gloves or wiped the weapon clean.

The suspect’s fingerprints did not match those left by the burglar.

The Police indicated that the victim may have known the attacker and let him in willingly.

The police focused their investigation on the area.

The police are investigating what caused the accident.

The investigation has been extended to our hideout.

The police investigated the suspect’s background.

The police suspect that the man stole my father’s car.

Three men emerged as suspects as a result of the inquiry.

The police took every suspect’s fingerprints.

The serial number has been filed off and makes it almost impossible to trace.

There are some potential suspects, but no single clue has been found yet.

That’s all I know about the suspect.

They say that the criminal has not been arrested yet.

The police offered a reward for information leading to the murderer’s arrest.

Reports from the scene indicate that there are two suspects.


・indicate:(状況・事実などを) 示す、指摘する
・investigation:(事件・事故などの) 詳細な捜査、調査、取り調べ
・cause:【名詞】❶原因、要因 ❷理由、根拠 /【他動詞】(良くない出来事などの) 原因となる、引き起こす
・extend:(事業・影響力・支配など) 拡大する、(期限・訪問などを) 延期する
・hideout:(犯罪者などの) 潜伏場所
・emerge:(物陰・水中などから) 現れる、(調査などから) 明らかになる
・inquiry:❶質問、問い合わせ ❷(事件・事故などについての公式の) 調査、捜査、取り調べ
・file off:(ヤスリなどで) 削り落とす、こすり落とす
・clue:(問題・原因・犯罪などの解決への) 糸口、手がかり、ヒント
・reward:褒美、報酬、(遺失物発見・情報提供などに対する) 懸賞金


The police had found a clue to the case.

The bank robber got away in a stolen car.

The police officer pursued the suspect.

The suspected man was arrested for insurance fraud.

The gang of criminals was caught one by one.
(犯人の一味は、芋づる式に逮捕された。→ 「次々に」という意味)

He was caught in the act of shoplifting at the supermarket.

She was caught red-handed trying to steal a ring.

The man got caught for sliding a cell phone under a woman’s skirt.

The police verified what the man had said.


・clue:(問題・原因・犯罪などの解決への) 糸口、手がかり、ヒント
・robber:強盗、泥棒 (強盗の行為を指す場合は robbery)
・pursue:❶(目的などを、長期にわたり) 追求する ❷(人・動物・乗り物などを) 追跡する
・caught in the act:現場を押さえられる
・get caught red-handed:現行犯で捕まる (手がまだ血に染まっている状態を表す比喩表現)
・verify:(調査などによって) 真実かどうか確かめる、(証拠・証言などによって) 正しいことを証明する


The man was charged with theft.

They sued the reckless driver for damages.

He sued the newspaper company for defamation and invasion of privacy.

He was questioned on a perjury charge for having given false testimony.

I have no choice but to take legal action.


・reckless:(人・行動などが) 無謀な、向こう見ずな
・defamation:(かたく) 誹謗中傷、名誉毀損
・invasion:❶侵入、侵略 ❷(人・物などの) 殺到 ❸(権利などの) 侵害
・testimony:(特に法廷での) 証言、供述(書)
・no choice but to:〜せざるを得ない、〜する以外に選択肢がない


He is the lawyer handling this case.

He has finally been cleared of suspicion.

The Witness‘s testimony cleared up my doubts.

He was convicted of drunken driving last year.

The man was sentenced to death for leaking state secrets.

He was found innocent by reason of insanity.

It will take many years to prove his innocence.

Jealousy was the motive for the murder.

The motive for the murder isn’t yet known.


・be convicted:有罪宣告される
・be sentenced to:〜の判決を受ける
・insanity:精神錯乱、(法) 精神異常、心神喪失


The bank safe was broken into last night.

The incident has been covered up.

There is no doubt that it was an organized crime.

She didn’t give up hope that her son would come back.

The detective looked into her background.

Don’t do like that would arouse suspicion.

We hope the police will arrest a suspect as soon as possible.


・cover up:(罪・悪事・事実・本心などを) 覆い隠す、隠蔽する
・arouse:(物・人・事が、感情・関心などを) 引き起こす、招く
・as soon as possible:できるだけ早く

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