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家事・お掃除に関する英語表現 に続き、今回は mansionapartment の違いや、お部屋探しやお引越しに関する英語表現などを、例文と共にご紹介していきます。

ご興味のある方は、当サイトで 英語クイズ(5000問) を出題しておりますので是非ご覧ください。



He lives in a small house by the sea.

A house ages more quickly if it’s not lived in.

My house is the Gothic-style one over there.

Turn left, and you will see a white building.

I see the skyscraper where I live.

The new building is under construction and will be completed soon.

I’m paying too much rent for my house.

I want to move to a larger place.

I want to have my house completely renovated.

We‘re having our house remodeled.
(今、家をリフォームしているんだ。→ 使役の have で「リフォームしてもらっている」という意味)

We renovated the entire house last month.

The old warehouse was renovated last month.

関連記事:【英語】「〜させる」の表現 − have・make・get の違い


・renovate:(建物などを) 修繕する、改装する
・remodel:(建物などを) 改造する
日本語の「reform リフォーム」は、制度・法律・組織などを「改革する・改正する」という意味ですので注意してください。

mansion と apartment の違い


mansion / 大邸宅

mansion は、例えばプールが付いていてお部屋がいくつもあるような豪華な一軒家を指しますので、ネイティブに使うときは注意しましょう。
実際にそういう邸宅にお住まいの場合は、もちろん堂々と mansion を使って大丈夫です。

apartment / 集合住宅

集合住宅は、北米では apartment、イギリスやオーストラリアなどでは flat が使われています。


I’m currently looking for a place to live/rent.

We’re searching for a place to rent where the city bus makes a stop.

I’m looking for a cheap property to rent near Los Angeles at a good price.

I want to keep the rent under $1,000.

What size place are you looking for?

We’d like to find a place that has two bedrooms, a living room, and a dining room.

I’d prefer a place that is not on the first floor.

A corner room would be preferable.

I’d like a place that’s no more than a ten-minute walk from the station.

Does the manager live on the premises?

I’d like a place that allows pets.

It is a separate house in a quiet residential area.

The cost of the rent for the haunted house is pretty cheap.

If a property of that size is available for that low price, someone must have died there.


・property:(かたく) 財産、所有物、不動産(物件)
・be preferable:好ましい、適している
・premise:❶(論理の) 前提 ❷(会社・商店・建物などの) 敷地、構内、店内
・haunted:❶(建物・場所などが) 幽霊の出る ❷(表情・顔つきなどが) 心配そうな


I’m moving to Berlin next month.

I wonder if it’s cheaper to hire a moving company or to do it ourselves.

If you have the budget, you should hire a moving company.

I asked a moving company for an estimate.

I’ll be happy to help you move furniture into the new place.

Don’t hold back from asking me to help you.
Don’t hesitate to ask me for help.

Thanks to everyone’s help, I was able to finish my move to the new place.

Hello! Nice to meet you. I’m Yoshida Taro. I just moved in next door.


・moving company:引っ越し業者
・budget:(国家・会社・個人などの) 予算、生活費
・estimate:【名詞】(価値・大きさなどの) 見積もり /【他動詞】(価値・大きさ・量などを) 見積もる、概算する、推定する
・hold back:躊躇する、ためらう
・Don’t hesitate to do. . . :「遠慮せずに〜してね」の決まり文句
・thanks to:〜のおかげで (良い意味でも皮肉をこめた意味でも使われます)


We moved into our new home last month.

It’s only a five-minute walk from the station.

The nearest station is Munich Central Station.

It’s easy to get to my house from the station: go straight out of the station, left at the bank, then about 5 minutes from there, on the right.

Welcome to my house!

Thank you for coming!

I want to show you our house.

You have lots of trees.

Your balcony has a nice view.

The room is sunny.
The room gets a lot of sunlight.

At the end of the corridor is the restroom.

We’ve installed heated flooring.

All of the utilities in my house are electric.

My house is supposed to be earthquake-resistant.

I wanted to garden, so I moved into a house with a yard.


・corridor/hallway:(建物・列車などの部屋に面した) 廊下、通路
・utility:(通例複数形で) ❶水道光熱費などの公共設備、公共料金 ❷電気・ガス・水道

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