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映画・舞台に関する英語表現 に続き、今回は映画の感想を伝えるときの英語表現を、例文とともにご紹介していきます。

ご興味のある方は、当サイトで 英語クイズ(5000問) を出題しておりますので是非ご覧ください。


movie と film の違い

movie はアメリカ英語で、film はイギリス英語とされています。

ただしアメリカでは、比較的大衆向けでない、娯楽性というよりは芸術性の高い映画に film を使うことがあります。


What kind of movies do you like?

I like watching suspense movies.

I love fantasy movies because I can escape from reality while watching them.

I like films directed by Christopher Nolan.

I usually just watch movies online.

I’ve seen almost all of Hugh Jackman’s movies.

I’ve seen the film about fifty times, and I’m not exaggerating.

I don’t care for splatter movies.

Have you seen ●● yet? − No, not yet.
(●●はもう観た? − まだ観てないの。)

Who directed it?

Who stars in that movie?
Who’s in that movie?

関連記事:【英語】still と yet の違い ー もう迷わないコツ


・exaggerate:誇張する、大袈裟に言う、(状況・品質などを) 強調する
・star:(俳優などが) 主演する



That movie blew me away!
(すごく良かったわ! → 演技や作品などが「ものすごく感動させる」という意味)

It’s the best movie I’ve ever seen before.

It was a touching movie.
(ジーンとくる映画だった。→ 「感動するような」という意味)

I got a catch in the throat.

The story was quite heartwarming.

For the first time in so long, I cried at a movie.

I couldn’t help crying at the end of the movie.

This is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

Incredibly fun and addictive.

This is the perfect date movie.

I think the ●● is a beautiful story filled with emotion.

A magnificently hopeful, inspiring work of art.

Many people speak well/highly of this movie.


・blow A away / away A:(演技・作品などが) A をものすごく感動させる
・get a catch in the throat:(感動・悲しみなどで) 胸がつかえる
・for the first time in so long:久しぶりに
・can’t help but (do something):〜せざるを得ない (= cannot help 〜ing)


The actor is at his best when he plays the villain.

The actors are young, but they give/deliver a good performance.

The movie was completely different from the original book.

It’s exciting, breathless and full of twists and turns.

I was thrilled because I had no idea where things were going next.

A minor character that seems unimportant suddenly become very important.
(一見 目立たない人物が、突然とても重要になってくるのよ。)

The ending was quite unexpected.

There was a complete reversal in the ending of the movie.


・(通例 the) villain:(劇・小説・映画などの) 悪役、かたき役
・deliver:❶配達する ❷(講演・演説などを) する ❸(期待されていることを) 達成する
・twists and turns:紆余曲折
・complete reversal:どんでん返し (= surprise/unexpected ending)


It was an all-right movie.

Not bad. It’s firmly okay.

No “must-see,” but definitely interesting.

 I think people either love or hate that movie.

The story was interesting, but the casting of the main character was not that good.


・definitely:(主張を強調して) 確かに、間違いなく


The plot had lots of holes in it.

It was boring and disappointing.

This detective movie features little thrills.

It doesn’t measure up to the other movies, in my opinion.

I lost interest in the plot after a while.

The story line of the movie was too silly/stupid for me to follow.

Maybe no one can watch the movie for two hours.

I won’t go out to a theater and see the movie.


・feature:❶(人・事・物を) 取り上げる、特集する、呼び物にする ❷特色である、特徴づける
・plot:❶(物語・映画などの) 筋 ❷(秘密の) 犯行計画、陰謀
・measure up to:(基準・標準などに) 達する、匹敵する
・silly:(行為・考え・物が) 真剣に受け取れない、現実味にかける、下らない


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