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お食事・食べ物の好き嫌いに関する英語表現 に続き、今回はレストランのレビューに使える英語表現を、例文とともにご紹介していきます。

ご興味のある方は、当サイトで 英語クイズ(5000問) を出題しておりますので是非ご覧ください。



I would recommend to anyone.

A must go place for everyone.

For me personally it is the best restaurant here in ●●.

That restaurant serves genuine ●●.

I highly recommend eating here at least once and will definitely be back next time I’m in the area.


・for me personally:個人的に言えば
・genuine:(名詞の前で) 本物の、真の、正真正銘の


Can you recommend a good restaurant?

Have you ever been to that Italian restaurant?

This restaurant offers great value lunch specials and a choice of several pasta that are tasty.

They have the best steak that came with a side of potatoes with cheese.

The steaks in this restaurant are said to be the best in town.

The roast chicken was better than expected and freshly made in the open kitchen.

That restaurant on the corner is known for its inventive dishes.

Excluding the price, the food at that restaurant is delicious.

Pizzas are very good, the crust is crispy and lots of toppings.

The daily fish special for lunch was a bit pricey but very good and a filling serving.

There are many dishes on the menu at this restaurant.

Variety of choice is wonderful, fresh tasty food at any time you go.

It has a limited menu but what they serve is excellent.

The lunch menu is not extensive but the food we had was of very good quality.


・比較級 than expected:思ったより〜だ、予想より〜だ
・inventive:(考え・物などが) 独創的な、創意に富んだ
・filling:(食べ物が) 満足感を与える
・extensive:(知識・計画などが) 広範囲の、多方面にわたる、(被害・影響などが) 大規模な


I hope you like the good atmosphere.

The ambience is relaxing and comfortable.

The surrounding inside the pub was comfortable but very stylish.

Very nice café with delicious cakes and a beautiful garden behind the house.

Good food, excellent service and sat on the terrace watching the sun go down.

Quality of their service shows that they care about customers and really nice and cozy atmosphere.

The café is known for its beautiful interior, with an especially lovely vaulted and decorated ceiling.


・ambience:(かたく)(場所・場面などの) 雰囲気
・surrounding:❶周囲、囲むこと ❷(通例 one’s 〜s)(人・物を取り囲む) 環境、状況
・cozy:(部屋・場所などが、こぢんまりとして暖かく) 居心地が良い
・vaulted:(通例名詞の前で) アーチ形の
・be known for:〜で知られている


It was reasonably priced and friendly service.

The staff were friendly and welcoming.

The staff were pleasant and engaging.

There was a bit of a line but friendly and quick service.

The service is excellent and it’s not stuffy.

The paper menu was easy to follow, the staff were efficient and our food arrived in just a few minutes.

The restaurant was full but this didn’t detract from excellent service, pacing was just right.

When we went in the morning there was a short line, but it didn’t take us long to order and receive our food.

This restaurant offers wine tasting for a small fee.


・engaging:(文語) 魅力的な、人を惹きつけるような
・stuffy:❶風通しの悪い ❷(人が) 堅苦しい
・efficient:(方法・機械などが) 効率の良い、能率的な


It was really busy, which is always a good sign.

The restaurant is always busy on weekend.

We come to this place regularly and it’s always busy.

The café is conveniently situated in the heart of the little town.

There is usually a long line, but if you go in the morning on a weekday it will go fast.

I chose this pub by chance as a meeting point to catch up with a friend.

The service was exceptional, the welcome drinks marvelous , the menu and the dishes unique.

It was as good as the review said it would be.


・catch up with a friend:友人と(久しぶりに)会って近況報告をする
・by chance:偶然に
・marvelous:(口語) 素晴らしく良い


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