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Nice weather today, isn’t it?

How’s the weather there?

I hope it will be beautiful/lovely tomorrow.
I hope the weather will be fine/nice tomorrow.

It was a nice day yesterday, wasn’t it?

The sun is coming in from the east.

There are no clouds over our heads.

As far as the weather is concerned, you don’t have to worry.

The weather forecast said the weather will turn bad over the weekend.

This dry weather feels nice.

It’s boiling hot today.

The temperature is quite low this summer.

The weather is changing these days.

The thermometer stands at 60°F.

It gets cold after the sun sets.

This unpleasant weather won’t go away.

The weather report said it should be clearing up in the morning.

The sun broke out of the clouds.
(太陽が雲から顔を出した。→ 雲を「割って出てくる」のようなニュアンス)


・as/so far as A is concerned:A について言えば
・weather forecast:天気予報
・stand at:(等級・度合いなどが) Aの数値である、Aに位する


It’s likely to rain today.

When it rains like this, don’t you just feel like staying in?
(こんな雨じゃ出かける気がしないよね。→ 否定疑問文で「〜したくなってしまうよね」と言っています)

My schedule for today went away because of the bad weather.

I encountered heave rain on my way home yesterday.

It’s been raining over here since last night.

The weather forecast says there is a 50 percent chance of rain.

The wind and rain got stronger as the typhoon got closer.

I don’t want to go out in this heavy rain.

It’s been raining off and on since morning.

We had lots of rain in this area last month.

The heavy rains have softened the soil around here.

It’s going to stop raining soon.

After the rain comes a rainbow.

The local downpour caused a lot of damage to the crops.

Take your folding umbrella in case it rains.

It’s so windy that I can’t even open my umbrella.

It looks as though it might snow soon.

Some people were taken to the hospital after being struck by lightning.
(何人かが雷に打たれて病院に搬送された。→ strike の過去分詞形)

Please watch out for lightning and sudden gusts of wind.


・be likely to do:〜する可能性の高い、〜しそうだ
・because of:〜が原因で、〜の理由で
・off and on / on and off:断続的に、途切れ途切れに
・since:【接続詞】(通例現在完了形と共に) 〜以来、(理由・原因) 〜なので、〜だから /【前置詞】〜以来、〜以降
・soil:(植物の育つ) 土、土壌、土地、風土
・gust:突風、(雨・炎・煙・音などの) 突発

It is unusually cold for this time of the year.

Some meteorologists predict that we will have a severe winter this year.

It took me two hours to shovel snow this morning.

The rain has turned to sleet.

The snowstorm has quieted down.

It’s strange that it has snowed this early in the season.

The train was delayed because of the heavy snowfall.

It’s rare even for New York to snow this much.

It’s suicidal to drive without chains in a snowstorm.


・predict:(人・理論などが) 予測する、予言する
・so . . . that節:あまりに. . . で〜だ
・strange:❶(人にとって) 奇妙な、普通でない ❷見知らぬ、初めての
・delay:【名詞】遅れ、遅延 /【他動詞】(ややかたく) 延期する、遅らせる


What a lovely evening sun!

Let’s go out and get some sun.

Come into the house quick and warm yourself.

The weather forecast is not always right.

The moon is hiding in the clouds.

I think fall/autumn is the best time of the year.

The rain adds beauty to the old temples.


The weather is fine/beautiful today.

It looks like rain.

I wish it would stop raining.

I hope the rainy season ends soon.

Hopefully the sun will shine soon. / Hopefully it will cool down soon.
(早く晴れないかな。/ 早く涼しくならないかな。→「願わくば」という意味)

I wonder how the weather will be like tomorrow.
(明日の天気はどうかな。→ 好奇心・不安・疑いを持って「〜かしら」を表す)

I hope it won’t rain tomorrow!

I‘m already looking forward to spring.
(春が待ち遠しい。→ この to は前置詞なので、名詞か動名詞が続く)


・look forward to 名詞/動名詞:〜を楽しみにする


Every season in Japan has its own unique charm.

The rainy season is from mid-June to mid-July.

It is very hot and humid during July and August.

In the summer it’s really like being in an oven without air conditioner.

During a summer the temperature sometimes rises above 95°F.

The cherry blossoms in spring and the changing leaves in fall are very beautiful.

Japan is often hit by typhoons which bring a lot of rain and strong storms.


・charm:❶魅力、人を惹きつける力 ❷御守り、護符
・humid:(天候・場所・時間帯などが) 湿気の多い
・hit:(不運・病気・災害などが、人・物・場所などを) 襲う


It gets light here at about five at this time of the year.

Let’s leave this door open, because it’s muggy here.

It was too hot and humid last night, and I couldn’t sleep well.


・muggy:(くだけて) 蒸し暑い、蒸し蒸しした
・humid:(天候・場所・時間帯などが) 湿気の多い


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