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Last updated: April 2023

This Terms and Conditions describes the Terms and Conditions on which all users are allowed to use RIKA MUSEUM (https://rika-museum.com) (“Site“) operated by RIKA (“I“, “my“, or “me“).
This Terms and Conditions apply to all users of the Site.

About Using the Site

  • Accessing or using this Site, you are telling me that you have read, understood, and agree to accept this Terms of Conditions, including the Privacy Policy.
  • If you do not agree to accept and abide by the Terms and Conditions you should not access or use this Site.
  • This Site may change this Terms and Conditions without notice. You are cautioned to review the Terms and Conditions posted on the Site periodically.
  • Unless otherwise stated,  RIKA reserves all rights as the author of the contents of the Site, including text and images (except for public domain materials and free images).


When you include a piece of information from this Site in your project, place quotation marks and include “RIKA MUSEUM.”

About using the Image Materials

  • I sell my artworks for design on this Site (the “Images“).
  • There are paid and free versions of the Images.
  • If you do not agree to this Terms and Conditions, you may NOT purchase or download the Images.
  • The Images and price are subject to change without notice.
  • Please refrain from downloading and using the Images from external websites.
  • The Images are NOT returnable or refundable after purchase.
  • Before purchasing the Images, please check the spec of the Images, your Internet connection and the free space in the save location.
  • Payment method is Credit card via Stripe (https://stripe.com).
    Personal card data is submitted directly to Stripe and is never entered or stored in the Site.
  • I do not issue receipt for you at card settlement. Please check your credit card statement sent from your card company.
  • Purchaser must decompress the download files before using them.
  • You can use the Images any number of times within the scope of this Terms and Conditions.
  • Allowed Use:
    Web icon, Web banner, as a visual explanation in a blog post or video, DM, postcard, point of purchase advertising, menu, pamphlet, flyer, poster, report, and content for editorial purposes
    You can only use the Images as a part of your design, not as the main of your creation.
  • Commercial use is allowed within the scope of this Terms and Condition.
  • Modification: you are free to modify the Images, but please do not make them impair the impression of the original or make them difficult to recognize that they are RIKA’s works.
  • Copyright Notice: optional, but if you are using content for editorial purposes, you must include the credit adjacent to the content or in visual production credits.
    e.g. Image Source: RIKA MUSEUM
  • Use Report: optional
  • Redistribution or Reprinting: not allowed

Prohibited Acts

  • You may NOT redistribute the Images whether or not the Images are modified.
  • You may NOT sell any of the Images or it in any products whether or not the Images are modified without my permission.
  • You may NOT pretend to be the author of the Images whether or not the Images are modified.
  • You may NOT use the Images as a character, or use the Images in a way that mislead them as official whether or not the Images are modified.
  • You may NOT upload, post or otherwise transmit the Images on any stock image sites whether or not the Images are modified.
  • You may NOT share the Images with any third party whether or not the Images are modified.
  • You may NOT use the Images as a logo, trademark or service mark whether or not the Images are modified.
  • You may NOT use the Images for expressions that ignores the image of the original Images and the author RIKA.
  • You may NOT use the Images for discrimination on race, religious and political propaganda.
  • You may NOT add inappropriate caption to the Images.
  • You may NOT infringe on the rights of RIKA.
  • Any other actions that violate laws, morality, or that I judge infringing on others’ rights are prohibited.
  • Where the above prohibited matters do not apply, in the case where I determine that the method of use is inappropriate, I may request refraining from use.


You agree to indemnify RIKA for any and all claims, liability performances, damages, costs (including attorney fees) or other liabilities that are caused by or related to a breach of this Agreement, which are caused by the use of the Site or the Images, by the non-compliance of the use restrictions of the Images or which are caused by the claims of third parties regarding the use of the Images.

Warranty and Liability

  • RIKA is not liable for damages, costs, losses or claims incurred by you, another person or entity by the use of this Site or the Images.
  • RIKA takes the utmost care regarding the operation of this Site and the information contained herein. However, RIKA makes no warranty of any kind with respect to the reliability, suitability or accuracy of this information.
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