How to download the product

Step 1

Go to the SHOP page, then you will see the following screen.

Step 2

Select the product and click the ADD TO CART below it.

Step 3

Click VIEW CART and please confirm whether there are mistakes in the cart or not.

Step 4

Click the CHECKOUT.

If you undo it, click ” × ” (delete) of it.

Step 5

Then you will move to the following screen “Payment“, please enter your Full Name and E-mail correctly.

Step 6

Click “利用規約” (you can read it in English) and open automatically “Terms and Conditions” window above it.
Then read and agree “Terms and conditions“, please check the checkbox.

Step 7

Enter your Card number, Expiry date, security code correctly.
(Although rare, if the forms are inactive, please reload the page.)

Step 8

Click the PURCHASE and please wait a minute.

Note that you cannot undo this action.

Step 9

Then you will move to the following screen ” Purchase received “.

Please DO NOT FORGET to click the ” ●●●.zip ” file and download it.

Depending on the Internet connection it may take a longer time to download.

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