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ご興味のある方は、当サイトで 英語クイズ(5000問) を出題しておりますので是非ご覧ください。


↓ 会議の連絡メールの英語表現についてはこちら


Can you give me a hand to make copies of these documents?

Please make 30 copies of this for the next meeting.

Please check if there is paper in the A4 paper tray.

Do you want them stapled?

Could you neatly staple them together please?

Please clip the documents together for the meeting.

Will you need any audio-visual equipment?

Please take the projector to the meeting room.

I’m going into a meeting now, so if I get any calls, tell them I’ll call them back later.

I need strong coffee to stay awake.

I really want this plan to go through.


・neatly:(並びやたたまれ方などを) きちんと、すっきりと
・staple:【名詞】ホッチキスの針 /【他動詞】ホッチキスで留める


Did you say we’ll have a meeting next week?

Yes. We set the date, but its’ only tentative.

What day is that? – It’s Wednesday.
(何曜日? – 水曜日よ。)

The board/executive meeting will be held at three o’clock.

Where’s the meeting going to be held?
(会議はどこで行われますか。→ 「(自分が関わるものが) 開催される・開かれる」)

How long is the meeting going to last?

Today’s meeting could run long.

What’s going to be discussed?

Who’s going to keep the minutes?

We have to talk about the meeting in advance.

I’ll also check the availability of the meeting room.

The conference room A is taken by Dan from ten to noon.

The meeting in the afternoon has been canceled.

It’ll be difficult to gather everyone together.


・tentative:(同意・日時などが) 仮の、不確定な
・keep the minutes:議事録を記録する
・in advance:前もって、あらかじめ
・gather:【自動詞】❶(人々・物が) 集まる、群がる ❷(腫れ物が) 化膿する/【他動詞】❶(人・物を) 集める、かき集める、(情報・証拠などを) 収集する ❷(見聞きしたことから) 推測する ❸(次第に、力・強さなどを) 増す


Shall we start now?

Does everyone have the handouts? / Everyone’s got a handout now?

Can we start with ●●●, then go on to ◯◯◯  and finish with △△△ ?

I’d like to explain the purpose of this plan.

I’d like to explain the basic principles of this project.

The reason I’ve called this meeting is to discuss the next quarter’s budget.


・principle:(行動の指針となる) 主義、信条
・budget:(国家・会社・個人などの) 予算、生活費


Can we get down to business?

Now we’re going to get to the main point topic.

Take a look at these figures.

Please look at this pie chart / circle graph.

Let me give you some examples.

We need to cultivate new customers.
(新規顧客の開拓が必要です。→ 関心などを「高める」という意味)

We need to turn to the experts.

We have to do market research way ahead.

We will introduce new products to our prospective customers.

You need to know about the reason we make the products.

We have to recall the defective products.

I’m afraid we’re out of time.

We’ll have a meeting again next morning.


・figure:❶(通例〜s) 数値、数量 ❷姿、人影 ❸人物、〜タイプの人 ❹(女性の) プロポーション ❺図、図表
・pie chart / circle graph:円グラフ
・way ahead:(競争相手より) はるか先を行って、大きく引き離して
・defective:(機械・製品の一部などが) 欠陥のある、不完全な
・I’m afraid (that). . .:残念ながら、申し訳ないんですが (相手にとっては不都合なことを、丁寧に伝えるときの決まり文句)


Does anyone have an opinion / anything to say about this?

What do you think is the best way to reach potential clients?

Does anyone have any questions?

What do you thin we should do?

Please raise your hand if you approve.


・potential:(名詞の前で) 可能性を秘めた、見込みのある
・approve:【自動詞】賛成・同意する /【他動詞】(計画・考え・製品などを) 承認する、認可する、賛成する


It might be hard for people to see the overall picture of the plan.

I basically agree with it, but I have a concern about one thing.

First of all, we should clear the distribution problem.

To do so, we have to review the order processing system.

We have to drastically reduce our advertising expenses.

I think it’ll be difficult to carry out the project. It’ll cost too much.

We shouldn’t rush the decision.

I think this matter needs to be discussed.


・overall picture, big picture, whole image:全体像
・carry out:実行する、執り行う


Our manager indicated his approval with a nod.

Let’s stop chatting and go on with the meeting.

I have no voice in management.

Business owners have to make decisions quickly.

It was interesting to see so many opinions expressed.

Nothing important was decided at the meeting.

The conclusion was carried over to the next meeting.

I dozed off during the meeting.

We have so many meetings that I can’t get any work done.


・indicate:(状況・事実などを) 示す、示唆する、指摘する、暗に知らせる
・doze off:ウトウトする


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