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Thank you so much for your interest in my artworks.
On this website, you can download some cute illustrations for free.

The free version and the paid version differ only in the number of illustrations.

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  • Please read Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy carefully before downloading or purchasing the Images.
  • You can only use the Images as a part of your design, not as the main part of your creation.
  • You shall NOT make the Images freely available for download or use by a third party, whether the Images are retouched or not.
  • You shall NOT sell any of the Images or use them in any products, whether the Images are retouched or not.
  • The method for saving the Images varies depending on your OS, and so please refer to the OS manual for details.

Images specifications

  • Format:PNG
  • Background:transparent
  • Color profile:sRGB
  • Resolution:300ppi
  • Basic canvas size:15cm x 15cm (vary a little by illustration)


Daily Life Illustrations

Nature, weather, food, house, sea, birthday, animals, art, music, shopping, clothes, accessories

【Free】Daily Life Illustrations

【Set of 300】Daily Life Illustrations (5 pages)

Brunch and Sweets Illustrations

Bread, sandwiches, bagel, hotdog, quiche, bacon, egg, cheese, butter, cake, pancake, 
waffle, ice cream, doughnuts

【Free】Brunch and Sweets Illustrations

【Set of 220】Brunch and Sweets Illustrations (4 pages)

Fairy Tale Illustrations

Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, 
Rapunzel, Pinocchio, The Three Little Pigs, Aesop Fables

【Free】Fairy Tale Illustrations

【Set of 300】Fairy Tale Illustrations (5 pages)

Amusement Park Illustrations

Attractions in amusement park, movie, magic, stage, tickets, fast food, fortune teller

【Free】Amusement Park Illustrations

【Set of 200】Amusement Park Illustrations (4 pages)

German Culture Illustrations

Beer, sausage, Oktoberfest, German cuisine, bread, sweets, Half-timbered house, 
Neuschwanstein castle, famous historical building, great people related to Germany

【Free】German Culture Illustrations

【Set of 200】German Culture Illustrations (4 pages)

Crime Suspense Illustrations

Crime scene, criminal, police, detective, law court, prison

【Free】Crime Suspense Illustrations

【Set of 200】Crime Suspense Illustrations (4 pages)

Halloween Illustrations

The Moon, jack-o’-lantern, haunted mansion, old tree, skull, crow, the Grim Reaper, halloween sweets

【Free】Halloween Illustrations

【Set of 200】Halloween Illustrations (4 pages)

Christmas Illustrations


Christmas trees, Christmas sweets, Santa Claus, reindeer, socks, fireplace, gifts, candles, roast turkey, mulled wine, Stollen, Christmas sweets

【Free】Christmas Illustrations

【Set of 200】Christmas Illustrations (4 pages)

Japanese Culture Illustrations

Japanese New Year season, lucky charm, annual events, traditional art, sumo, ninja, kimono, Shinto shrine

【Free】Japanese Culture Illustrations

【Set of 200】Japanese Culture Illustrations (4 pages)

Japanese Food Illustrations

Sushi, tempura, udon (Japanese wheat noodle), sukiyaki, ramen, miso soup, 
sake (rice wine)green tea, matcha sweets, traditional Japanese sweets

【Free】Japanese Food Illustrations

【Set of 200】Japanese Food Illustrations (4 pages)

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Download Products

Daily life illustrations 300 (nature, weather, sea, food, flower, tree, house, furniture, travel, art, shopping, clothes)

Brunch and sweets illustrations 220 (bread, sandwiches, bagel, quiche, bacon, eggs, cheese, cake, tart, doughnuts, ice cream)

Fairy tale illustrations 300 (Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping beauty, The Frog Prince, The Three Little Pigs, Jack and The Beanstalk)

Amusement park illustrations 200 (ride attractions, circus, movie, magic, tickets, delicious-looking fast food, sweets)

German culture illustrations 200 (beer, sausage, local dishes, wine, Oktoberfest, sweets, Neuschwanstein castle, famous historical buildings, great people related to Germany)

Japanese culture illustrations 200 (New Year season, lucky charm, annual events, shinto shrine, ninja, sumo, traditional art)

Japanese food illustrations 200 (sushi, tempura, sukiyaki, soba, udon, ramen, matcha sweets)

Crime suspense illustrations 200 (crime scene, criminal, police, detective, law court, prison)

Halloween illustrations 200 (the Moon, jack-o’-lantern, ghost, haunted mansion, old tree, skull, crow, the Grim Reaper, Halloween sweets)

Christmas illustrations 200 (Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas tree, sled, Christmas gifts, snowman, roast turkey, mulled wine, Stollen, Christmas cake)

Webbook (free)

My travel memoir of Southern Germany with many beautiful photos.
You can read it on this website.

Traveling in Southern Germany (written in Japanese)

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