暮らしと家事に関する英語表現 に続き、今回はお買い物をするときに使う英語の基本的な動詞を、例文とともにご紹介していきます。

ご興味のある方は、当サイトで 英語クイズ(5000問) を出題しておりますので是非ご覧ください。



お買い物に必要な言い回しはそれほど多くはありませんが、店員さんに何かをお願いするときは、please を忘れないようにすることも大切です。

  • May I help you?:いらっしゃいませ。
  • Do you have/carry . . . ?:〜はありますか?
  • I’m looking for . . . :〜を探しています。
  • Can I try this on?:これを試着してもいいですか?
  • I’m just looking around. Thank you.:見ているだけです。有難う。
  • Are there any other colors?:色違いはありますか?
  • Do you have this in a bigger/smaller size?:もっと大きい / 小さいサイズはありますか。
  • How much is this?:これはおいくらですか。
  • That looks good. I’ll take it/this.:いいですね。これにします。



Is there a drugstore near here?

Where is the biggest shopping center?

Where is the nearest supermarket from here.

Which shop has the best range of goods?

Where can buy a lottery ticket?


Where is the household items section?

Do you have multi-vitamin supplements?

Do you carry gluten-free bread?

I’d like a pound of ground meat.

Can I have this loaf sliced?
(塊をスライスしていただけますか。→ パンやお肉など)

We buy the week’s groceries all at one time.


・household:(名詞の前で) 家庭の、家族の
・grocery:(しばしば〜s) 日用雑貨品、食料品


Which floor has kitchenware?

Where can I buy some accessories?

Where do you have children’s clothes?

Can I backorder it?

We’ll have it in next week.

Could you show me the necklace in the showcase?

I love that skirt! Will that fit me?

Everything is 20 percent off the regular price.

We have a Christmas sale now.

I’m sorry. I’ll come later.


・back(-)order または back order:入荷待ちの状態、取り寄せ注文


Hello. May I help you? – I’m just looking. Thank you.
(いらっしゃいませ。何かお探しですか。- 見ているだけです。有難う。)

But if I find something I like, I’ll buy it.

Could you show me that sweater?

I’d like the one in the window.

This color is too loud for me.

Where is the changing/fitting room?

It comes in three sizes.

It’s too big for me in the shoulders.

Do you have it in a larger/smaller size?
(これの大きい / 小さいサイズはありますか。)

Do you have the same thing in any other colors?

Could you check on the stock?

This skirt feels a little tight. May I try another?

Those pants are made with a cotton and polyester blend.

Can I get my pants hemmed? / Would you please shorten my trousers?

This is beyond my budget. Don’t you have anything less expensive?

I’ll wear it now.


・loud:①音・声が大きい、やかましい ②(色・模様などが) けばけばしい
・stock:①在庫品、貯蔵 ②株、株式 ③切り株、茎 ④(肉・魚などの) 煮だし汁、スープのもと
・hem:(衣服などの) 裾を縫う、縁取りをする
・budget:(国家・企業・個人などの) 予算


Do you have these shoes in size 39?

Could I use a shoehorn?

These are the right shoes.

I feel pressure on the little toes.

It has room in the toe area.

These pumps are too narrow/wide.
(このパンプスは幅が狭すぎ / 広すぎます。)

Do you have a shoe stretcher?

Please advise me how to take care of these shoes.


・room:①部屋、空間 ②余地、機会
・take care of:(人・動物・物などの) 世話をする


May I have a receipt, please?

Didn’t I get the wrong change?

I think you gave me the wrong change.

Would you mind wrapping it up as a gift?

Which would you like, a box or a bag?

I don’t need a bag.

Do you accept VISA card?

If you purchase over $50 you get free shipping. 

I think you’ve got the figures wrong.

We offer free shipping on orders over 100 dollars.

Could you deliver it to the XYZ Hotel?

Can I specify the date of delivery?

You can cancel your order within a week.


・offer:【名詞】①(援助・協力などの) 申し出 ②値引き、割引 /【他動詞】(援助などを) 申し出る、(サービスなどを) 提供する、(好意から) 物を差し出す


My mother goes shopping every day.

Do you want to go shopping?

Please tell me what time this store opens.

We will lengthen our business hours next month.

This chair is a bargain.

Do you have this in stock?

I’m very sorry, the book is out of stock.

I’m going to buy a portable external hard drive.

It has a warranty for one year.

This deal is good for today only so make sure to buy quickly before supplies run out.

I’d like to get my husband a nice gift for about 100 bucks.

I want to do more shopping, so let’s part here.

I always end up buying totally unnecessary stuff.

I often buy something on impulse.

The store gives you a discount of 5% if you buy two or more pieces of the same item.

Some people are uneasy shopping with credit cards.

We’ll get 10 percent cash back with this ticket.

You go first, I have to make several purchases.

This new sofa is pricy.

I made a good buy.


・warranty:(商品の) 保証、保証期間
・be out of stock:在庫切れである
・on impulse:衝動的に


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