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ご興味のある方は、当サイトで 英語クイズ(5000問) を出題しておりますので是非ご覧ください。



I wonder if I’ll get a bonus.

All right! Tomorrow is payday!
(やった! 明日はお給料日だ!)

I’m happy with my current salary.

I wish I could get paid more.

I should put all of my bonus into my savings.

What should I buy with my bonus?




I’m going on a business trip to Boston.

The best part of business trips is trying the local food.

I’m going cycling with our clients tomorrow.

I need to keep pleasing them. I wish I didn’t have to. . .


I can do it! Keep it up!
(私なら出来る! その調子!)

I should focus and buckle down to my job.

My job is going without a hitch today.

My desk is a mess.

Who left this paper on my desk?

I’m too sleepy to concentrate.

I have to finalize my report tomorrow.

I have to prepare for my presentation about our new project.

I got a big contract today.

It looks like I’ll be able to fill my quota this month.

I will aim for top sales!

It’s a busy period and I’m going crazy.

I think the end of this month is going to be busy.

Being promoted just means more responsibility.

I’ll be moving to the PR department next week.

Our department is chronically understaffed.

He left all the decision-making to me but then disapproved at the last time.

I spent all day answering phones and didn’t get much work done today.
(今日は電話ばかりであまり仕事がはかどらなかった。→ 電話に応じるときは answer を使う)

I made a fatal mistake at work.

My computer froze again. . . I don’t have time for this.



・buckle down to:本腰を入れる、腰を据える
・without a hitch:何の障害もなく
・mess:【名詞】散らかっている状態 /【他動詞】(くだけて) 汚くする、めちゃめちゃにする
・too A (for B) to do:あまりにも (B には) A すぎて~出来ない
・concentrate (on):〜に集中する、全力を注ぐ
・aim:【名詞】(計画・行為などの) 〜するという目的、意図、目標 /【自動詞】(at) 目標とする、(to do) 志す /【他動詞】(be aimed at A/doing) 〜することを目標としている


I’ll take a long vacation next month.

I don’t think I’ll be able to get a summer vacation.

It looks like I’ll be able to take it easy over the New Year’s holiday.

I have a lot of paid vacation days saved up but the atmosphere was such that I felt guilty to use it.


I’m so glad to have co-workers I can trust.

Mr. Sakai’s documents were really well done.

I can talk to her about anything.

He is in a bad mood this morning.

She shouldn’t have spoken in that way in front of everyone.

I find it hard to get along with that person.

She was promoted before me.

I don’t understand why he didn’t receive the promotion.

I don’t want to get involved in the factional fights.

I’m bad with names.


・be promoted:昇進する、昇級する
・faction, faction-fighting, factional fighting/squabbles:派閥争い


Mr. Yoshida is a boss I can look up to.

My manager is well trusted by his people.

He takes good care of people and so he is respected by them.

My manager gave me appropriate advice.

I think he’s too strict with his people.

My boss always shifts responsibility onto others.

He gives his people a lot of responsibility.

He left everything to me and then disapproved at the last minute.

I‘m torn between my boss and the staff I manage.

My boss took all the credit for my work.

I miss my ex-boss.


・strict:厳しい、厳格な、(名詞の前で) 厳密な、正確な
・shift the blame onto others:他人に責任転嫁する
・be torn between A and B:板挟みになっている、半々の気持ちで困っている
・take the credit for:賞賛される、手柄とする


I was asked to host a year-end party.

At our company, salary is based on competence.

I try not to get too personal with my co-workers.

Guess it’s time to organize old papers.

These days I’m eating too much chocolate during work.



・be based on:〜に基づく、基礎に置かれている
・competence:(ややかたく) 能力、力量


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